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Community impact

At HealthONE, we are committed to creating healthier tomorrows for our communities through making charitable donations, partnering with other organizations and volunteering our time.

HealthONE has played a significant role in community outreach and support for years and continues to develop meaningful philanthropic relationships with many nonprofits that directly impact the communities in which we live and work. The HealthONE system of hospitals strives to be a model community citizen and supports a host of organizations that align with our mission and values.

In addition to support of a wide-array of health related charities, HealthONE is currently focusing philanthropic efforts in the following areas:

  • Mental Health Support for the Underserved
  • Engaging Families in the First Three Years of a Child's Life
  • Secondary and Community College Education with a Focus on Health Careers
If you have more questions or need information, contact Maureen McDonald.

Serving our community

Each and every member of the HealthONE system of care has an earnest desire to serve our community whether through a clinical interaction, engagement with our charitable partners or enhanced services to those who need them most. At the end of the day, we acknowledge that every individual patient we assist is an opportunity to demonstrate our unwavering commitment to the care and improvement of human life. We see our devotion to community relations as an opportunity to touch the lives of our patients as well. Below are examples of organizations with whom we have the privilege to partner.

Our partners

Our community impact

We exist to give people a healthier tomorrow.

We complement our mission statement with a statement of purpose: We exist to give people a healthier tomorrow. Our purpose reflects our core beliefs: We believe in always doing what is right for the patient. We believe excellent people make excellence happen. We believe healthcare should always move forward. We believe in taking care of others while being there for each other.

In 2021, HealthONE oversaw:

  • 5,180

    COVID-19 inpatients treated

  • 12,240

    babies delivered

  • 1,581,821

    patient encounters

  • 83,117


  • 298,172

    ER visits

  • 92,045

    total surgeries

Community benefit

  • 11,600+

    employed across Denver metro

  • $1.1B

    in total payroll and benefits

  • $195.8M

    in state, local and federal taxes paid in 2021

  • $677M

    Charity Care Uninsured Discounts and Uncompensated Care

  • $8.7M

    Community Health Improvements

  • $2.8M

    Community Building Activities

  • $889K

    Cash and In-Kind Contributions

  • $1.4M

    Research Community Benefit

We believe in taking care of others while being there for each other.

Many of our colleagues live and work in the same communities and neighborhoods as our patients. We want the same things that our communities want: Healthier communities that lead to healthier tomorrows.

HCA Healthcare Hope Fund

The HCA Healthcare Hope Fund, a colleague-run, colleague-supported 501(c)3 public charity, supports colleagues through unexpected crises, such as a personal illness, death of a family member, domestic violence, disaster or other difficult situation.

Since the Hope Fund’s inception in 2005, HCA Healthcare colleagues have helped deliver over $67 million in assistance to more than 40,000 families when they needed it most.

The start of the COVID-19 pandemic brought three times as many requests for assistance. The fund quickly adjusted by expanding guidelines to meet these needs, which resulted in providing over $3 million to support nearly 2,000 families with pandemic-related hardships. In 2020, the fund provided a total of $10.6 million in assistance to help nearly 5,000 families, the most given in any year since the Hope Fund began.

Twenty-nine percent of our local HCA Healthcare Continental Division colleagues gave to the Hope Fund in 2020, the highest percentage in the company, collecting a total of $437,572. Of the 2,825 grants given by the Hope Fund nationally, 130 were given to Continental Division colleagues for a total of $310,050 in support.